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Best Golf Balls To Reduce Slice

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One of the factors that helps create the perfect swing is probably one you don’t think about that often. It is the golf ball you choose to place on your tee. For example, you may be trying to reduce the slice of your swing. You can’t really do that if you don’t have the appropriate golf ball in the first place.

What you may want to purchase to help you deal with this problem is a “spin control golf ball.” You can find these

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Best Golf Balls For Extra Distance

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For golfers of all experience and skill levels, sports companies have created a variety of golf ball styles for extra distance. Check out the following best golf ball choices available for extra distance.

Low Compression Balls

An inexperienced golfer most likely will choose to play with a low compression golf ball that has a compression rating between 70 and 80. This type of golf ball for extra distance is perfect for a golfer who has a slow

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Best Golf Balls For Extra Spin

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Golf is a truly unique sport, one that involves all kinds of hand-eye coordination and concentration. Different golfers are always on the lookout for different things, depending on what parts of their game are strong and what parts of their game need work. One thing almost all golfers are on the lookout for is golf balls that offer extra spin.

There are a number of golf balls that offer extra spin for the golfer, with each golfer having a preference. Of course, oftentimes spin has a lot to do with how you hold and swing

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Getting Better Slowly

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Whether you’re a weekend golfer or just a fan who catches the occasional tourney on TV, you’ve got a lot of ways to learn more about golf! Here are a few suggestions for the gold amateur who just wants to pick up some tips her and there:
Watch the Golf Channel: You can get the channel via Direct TV Promotions or your local cable company and the network has dozens of shows dedicated to armchair education. It’s a great place to watch form and just pick up some equipment tips.
Hire a Pro: Most communities have at least one pro or ex-college golfer who loves to teach private lessons for around 50 an hour. Get a few lessons and watch your game improve dramatically -sometimes the pressure of performing for an audience is all you need.
Join a League: If you live near a public course join a team that plays every Saturday or Sunday golf is one of those things that practice really does make perfect in! It’s not enough to talk about playing, you’ve actually got to get out there and play to get better.

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Five Drills To Increase Flexibility and power

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Many golfers do not understand how much the coil assists in a golfer’s power, as they believe the power comes from how hard a player hits the ball with their arms. There are five drills golfers can do to increase flexibility and power.

Coil Drill
The player should stand in the address position, but have a friend stand behind them. They should coil up for their backswing, and use their left hand, for a right handed golfer, to shake hands with the person behind them.

Leg Drive
The player should go to the top of their backswing, then drive their

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Forming The Correct Putter Grip for Better Accuracy

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Out of all things on a golf course, the one thing that people struggle the most with is putting. This does not make a whole lot of since, as they have managed to get the ball on the green, but they are struggling to roll it in the hole. Most golfers find themselves over thinking the putting process, which is very detrimental to their game. They might have everything square, but then they double check everything and change their mind. Now, they are wondering what

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What Are The Best Clubs For Experience Players

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Once golfers have gained the necessary fundamentals, it may be time to make some changes with their clubs. They likely began with a 10 1/2 degree driver, or higher, as well irons with a regular shaft. However, they are now striking the ball as solid as possible, and their swing speed has drastically increased. This means that their old equipment may be hindering their performance on the golf course. The best thing for them to do would be to have their swing analyzed on a launch monitor, as this will tell them

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What Are the Best Clubs For Beginners

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When taking up golf, it is important for people to have the proper equipment. They want to have clubs that offer the maximum amount of forgiveness, while they are still learning the basic techniques. Beginners will also need all the assistance they can get with distance, so it is important that they have clubs that will give them a few extra yards.

To begin with, beginners should choose a driver with a regular shaft, and a loft angle of at least 10 1/2 degrees. To